Due to the Enhanced Community Quarantine, please be informed that we are encouraging to limit physical contact transactions. Kindly send your Purchase Order (PO) through email. You can contact us and send details of your PO safely from your office through nposmd@yahoo.com.

The National Printing Office is adopting a Cash Payment Policy pursuant to NPO-Memorandum No. 1-91. You can deposit your payment to Land Bank of the Philippines, EDSA NIA Branch, Diliman, Quezon City with our Acct. No. 1872-1004-46 under the account name National Printing Office, so that we can process your order the soonest.

Further, we are now implementing the Pick-up Delivery System. You may contact your preferred courier and email us the authorization letter authorizing your preferred one to pick-up the forms at NPO. Kindly inform us of the date and time of your arrival at the office so that we can prepare your goods ahead of time. Also, please be informed that transactions will be done only at the gate per management’s advice during the implementation of Enhance Community Quarantine (ECQ). 

Furthermore, National Printing Office (NPO), an agency under the National Government is exempted from withholding tax per SEC. 2.57.5 (A) Section 4 of the IR Regulations No. 14-2002 dated September 09, 2002.
Stay safe and healthy.

Thank you.

National Printing Office
Sales Management Division