Per Executive Order No. 285 dated July 25, 1987; and as amended by E.O 378 the National Printing Office (NPO) is mandated to continue to provide printing services to government agencies and instrumentalities as mandated by law. However it shall no longer enjoy exclusive jurisdiction over the printing services requirements of the government over standard forms. Provided that the printing of accountable forms and sensitive high quality / volume printing requirements shall only be undertaken by recognized government printers which include the National Printing Office.

It shall also continue to provide printing of Official Ballots and Election Paraphernalia which could be shared with Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas, upon the discretion of the Commission on Election consistent with the provision of the Election Code of 1987.

The Office may also accept other government printing jobs, including government Publications, but not in an exclusive basis. The Office will also undertake the printing need of the Presidential Communications Operations Office and the Office of the President.



For the National Printing Office to be the sole regulatory printing arm of the government manned by a dynamic group of people committed towards the satisfaction of the printing needs of the national and local government as well as government-owned ands controlled corporations with established regional sales offices all over the country.



A. To modernize and develop ways to improve the quality of printing through modernization of printing facilities, upgrading printing equipment and updating work design and manpower capabilities.

B. To formulate pricing that is commensurate to the high standard of quality and service that we provide.

C. To support the information dissemination programs of government agencies by providing their printing needs.

D. To satisfy the demand for and provide fast distribution of standard and accountable forms to our clients; and

E. To efficiently safeguard the security and sanctity of the Bureau’s mandated functions.