NGAS Forms – Local Government Unit COA Circular No. 2001 – 005

Annex NumberDescriptionUnit
1General JournalSheet
2Cash Receipts JournalSheet
3Check Disbursements JournalSheet
4Cash Disbursements JournalSheet
5General LedgerSheet
6Subsidiary LedgerSheet
7Supplies Ledger CardSheet
8Work, Other Animals And Breeding Stocks Ledger CardSheet
9Property, Plant And Equipment Ledger CardSheet
10Investment Ledger CardSheet
11Real Property Ledger CardSheet
12Construction in Progress Ledger CardSheet
13Registry of Appropriations, Allotments and Obligations Capital OutlaySheet
14Registry of Appropriations, Allotment and Obligations Maintenance and Other Operating ServicesSheet
15Registry of Appropriations, Allotments and Obligations Personal ServicesSheet
16Registry of Appropriations, Allotments and Obligations Financial ExpensesSheet
17Registry of Public InfrustructuresSheet
18Registry of Reforestation ProjectSheet
19Cash Book (Treasury)Sheet
20Cash Book (Bank)Sheet
21Cash Book (Disbursing)Book
22Allotment And Obligation SlipSheet
23Journal Entry VoucherSheet
24Disbursement VoucherPad
25Petty Cash VoucherSheet
26General PayrollSheet
27Daily Wage PayrollSheet
28Index of PaymentsSheet
29Purchase OrderPad
30Purchase RequestSheet
31Acceptance and InspectionSheet
32Supplies Availability InquirySheet
33Requisition And Issue SlipPad
34Acknowledgement Receipt For EquipmentSheet
35Summary of Supplies and Materials IssuedSheet
36Stock CardSheet
37Property CardSheet
38Work, Other Animals And Breeding Stocks Property CardSheet
39Check RegisterBook
40Accountant's Advice for Local Check DisbursementSheet
41Report of Collections And DepositsSheet
42Report of Accountability For Accountable FormsSheet
43Consolidated Report of Accountability For Accountable FormSheet
44Abstract of Real Property Tax CollectionsSheet
45Liquidation ReportSheet
46Report of DisbursementsSheet
47Report of Checks IssuedSheet
48Report on the Physical Count of InventoriesSheet
49Report of the Physical Count of Property, Plant & EquipmentSheet
50Waste Materials ReportSheet
51Inventory And Inspection Report of Unserviceable PropertySheet