Pursuant to Republic Act 9485. An Act to Improve Efficiency in the Delivery of Government Service to the Public by Reducing Bureaucratic Red Tape, Preventing Graft and Corruption, and Providing Penalties. Therefore

I, FRANCISCO V. VALES, JR., Filipino, of legal age, Agency Head of the National Printing Office (NPO), being responsible and accountable in ensuring compliance with Section 6 of the Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007 and Rule IV of its Implementing Rules and Regulations, hereby declare and certify the following truths:

  1. The National Printing Office has established its service standards known as the Citizen’s Charter that enumerates the following:
  1. Vision and mission of the agency
  2. Frontline services offered
  3. Step-by-step procedure in availing of frontline services
  4. Employee responsible for each step
  5. Time needed to complete the procedure
  6. Amount of fees
  7. Required documents
  8. Procedure for filing complaints
  1. The Citizen’s Charter is posted as information billboards in all the service offices of National Printing Office that deliver frontline services.
  1. The Citizen’s Charter is positioned at the main entrance of the office or at the most conspicuous place of all the said service offices.
  1. The Citizen’s Charter is written either in English, Filipino, or in the local dialect and published as an information material (e.g. booklet or brochure).
  1. The Citizen’s Charter is uploaded in the agency’s website and accessible to the public.
  1. The Citizen’s Charter was first published on July 5, 2012 and underwent review and revision on February 15, 2019 as required under Section 4, Rule IV of the IRR: The office or agency shall review the Citizen’s Charter whenever necessary, but not less than once every two years.

This certification is being issued to attest to the accuracy of all the foregoing based on available records and information that can be verified.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this __ day of ____________ in Quezon City, Philippines.

               FRANCISCO V. VALES, JR.

Director IV

National Printing Office

SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this __ day of ___________ in Quezon City, Philippines, with affiant exhibiting to me his ______________________ issued on ________ at _____________.

Doc. No. ________

Page No. ________

Book No. ________

Series of 2019

Frontline Service Process Improvement Action Taken to Improve Process Results/Benefits
Publication in the Official Gazette Processing time in publication Reduced processing time:

From 30 minutes to 20 minutes

Clients saved 10 minutes of processing time
Issuance of Certificate of Publication (present and previous issues within the last three (3) months) From 15 minutes to 10 minutes Clients saved 5 minutes
Verification follow-up of previously received payments and copies of publication From 20 minutes to 12 minutes Clients saved 8 minutes
Evaluation by client Clients provided with a form to evaluate O.G. Staff Serves as feedback mechanism to improve service
Reduction of signatories The Supervisor of the Section is allowed to sign on Certified True Copies of Official Gazette sans Division Chief Client saved 10-15 minutes of waiting time as the Division Chief is located at another floor level.
Issuance of Stock Order form/Petty Cash Slip Purchase orders are processed within 5-10 minutes Optimized/Utilized people at the Sales and Marketing Division ·        Improved efficiency in attending to clients needs

·        Minimized the waiting time at queue lines of customers

Preparation of Order of Payment and Official Receipt Order of Payment and Official Receipts were prepared within 3-5 minutes
Issuance of Delivery Receipt and Exit Permit Delivery Receipt and Exit Permit are prepared within 5 minutes
Releasing of item procured (Delivery Section) Items procured are given to clients within 10 minutes


In compliance with the requirements of the Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007 (RA9485)


To be the premier Government Recognized Printer, modern and capable, manned by a dynamic group of people committed towards the satisfaction of the printing needs of the National and Local government, as well as Government Owned and Controlled Corporations.


  • Satisfaction of client’s demands on security, timeliness, quality and rates.
  • Deliver annual substantial returns on investment to the government coffers.
  • Generate profits for its own sustainability in order to contribute to the Treasury.
  • Support the information dissemination program of the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO).


 Pursuant to Executive Order No. 285 and Executive Order No. 378, the NPO shall have printing jurisdiction over the following:

  • Printing, binding and distribution of all Standard and Accountable Forms of National and Local governments, including Government Owned and Controlled Corporations.
  • Printing of Official Ballots.
  • Printing of public documents such as the Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines (OG), General Appropriations Act (GAA), Philippine Reports and development information materials of the Philippine Information Agency (PIA).

The office may also accept other government printing jobs, including government publications, aside from those enumerated above, but not in an exclusive basis.

Under Republic Act 9970, the NPO together with other recognized government printers, shall undertake the printing of Accountable Forms and Sensitive High Quality/Volume requirements of the government.



I. Procedure on how to purchase/procure Accountable and Standard Forms.


 Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5

II. Official Gazette Publication

Workflow Chart


S E R V I C E   P L E D G E


  • Our office is open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM – Monday and Friday; 7:00 AM to 5:00PM – Tuesday to Thursday
  • You may approach any of our staff at the O.G. Publication Section for assistance.
  • Please pay directly to the Cashier. We do not charge any fees other than those stated above.
  • No increase in fees and charges since January 2014


Courteous and helpful service will be extended by all the staff. If you have any complaints to make in the delivery of the above standards, you are welcome to register your queries with the following officers:


Acting Superintendent

Office of the Superintendent

2nd Floor, NPO Bldg., EDSA Corner NIA North Road,

Diliman, Quezon City




Director IV

Office of the Director

2nd Floor, NPO Bldg., EDSA Corner NIA Road,

Diliman, Quezon City


925-2189 (fax)

We will acknowledge all complaints within two (2) days and final reply on the action taken will be communicated within eight (8) days.