As of today, the RT-PCR tests conducted by the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) last 29-31 July 2020 to 445 individuals at the National Printing Office (NPO) yielded thirty-two (32) active cases were already referred to the appropriate agency and Local Government Unit concerned.

A temporary work suspension is being implemented this 03 to 14 August 2020 at the NPO Office, EDSA corner NIA North Road, Diliman, Quezon City for necessary disinfection controls to prevent the spread of the virus as well as to comply with the fourteen (14) day quarantine period for those who tested positive and those who came in close contact with the patient, under Department of Health (DOH) Department Memorandum No 2020-0220 dated 11 May 2020.

Further, the NPO has adopted a work-from-home arrangement during this period, while precautionary measures in line with existing safety policies are continually being implemented within the office.

All Publication request for Reconstitution of Titles, Land Registration Authority (LRA) cases and other similar cases regarding Land Titles that would require Court hearings will only be entertained if your publication manuscripts (Notices/Orders) have scheduled Court hearing dates later than three (3) months from August 2020 and Naturalization cases that will be published at least six (6) months before hearing date i.e. April 2021.

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