Procurement Procedure

PROCUREMENT PROCEDUREON HOW TO ORDER ACCOUNTABLE AND NON-ACCOUNTABLE FORMS FROM THE NATIONAL PRINTING OFFICE: THROUGH EMAIL/ON-LINE Make a Request for Quotation (RFQ) for the items to be procured and send it to NPO will send you back the quotation of the items you want to purchase. Email your Purchase Order/Purchase Request based on our quotation. continue reading : Procurement Procedure

Andanar assures continued service as PCOO logs 90 COVID-19 cases

In a statement on Thursday, Andanar said that the PCOO will continue with its work-from-home arrangement as some of its offices go into lockdown due to the high number of COVID-19 cases. “Rest assured that the delivery of essential and timely information to the Filipino public will continue despite the unfortunate circumstance we are facing,” continue reading : Andanar assures continued service as PCOO logs 90 COVID-19 cases

NPO-SMD ECQ Advisory

Due to the Enhanced Community Quarantine, please be informed that we are encouraging to limit physical contact transactions. Kindly send your Purchase Order (PO) through email. You can contact us and send details of your PO safely from your office through The National Printing Office is adopting a Cash Payment Policy pursuant to NPO-Memorandum No. 1-91. You continue reading : NPO-SMD ECQ Advisory