Municipal Form Number



20 – A Municipal Treasurer’s Account Book Book
25 Register of Marriage Book
26 – 1 Register of Birth Book
27 Register of Death Book
63 Director’s Minute Book Book
65 Personal Appearance Sheet
66 Affidavit of Official Priest or Minister Sheet
67 Sworn Statement Advice Parents Ask Sheet
68 Advice of Intended Marriage Sheet
89 Comparative Statement of Market / Slaughter Sheet
90 Application for Marriage License Pad
91 ID Certificate of Marriage Sheet
92 Consent of Marriage Sheet
94 Notice of Re-applicants Sheet
97 Marriage Contract Pad
100 Register of Application Marriage License Book
102 Certificate of Birth Pad
103 Certificate of Death Pad
103 – A Certificate of Fetal Death Pad
109 Municipal Treasurer’s Journal of Collection and Deposit Sheet
101 Certificate of Foundling Pad
109 Register of Foundling Book
110 Register of Court Decree / Order Book
111 Register of Legal Instrument Book